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I had originally planned to buy a used car, but Diane Iten the broker found me a great-looking deal on a new Fit and put me in touch with Paulo Neish. Diane spoke very highly of Paulo, having worked with him many times in the past--and he turned out to be every bit as friendly, helpful and knowledgeable as she said. He knew the vehicle from top to bottom and cheerfully answered every question I could come up with. In addition to the initial test drive, he gave me a very thorough briefing when I took possession a few days later, covering all the features (cars have gotten a lot more techified since the last one I bought), maintenance and repair details. So the inherently traumatic experience of handing over a big chunk of cash and taking on a big chunk of loan was relieved by dealing with such pleasant and encouraging people. It was a great, friendly car-buying experience and I was well taken care of. -Mary

We just purchased our second new vehicle from Diane Item and were truly overwhelmed with her customer focused excellent service. Both purchases were simplified by Diane's attention to detail and brought new meaning to a headache free auto shopping experience. Diane was able to find exactly the cars we wanted, sent us to a dealership that was so easy to work with, and were given a very fair price on our trade in vehicles. We would recommend Diane to any of our friends and relatives who are looking to purchase a vehicle because she will not give up until she finds the right car and the right price. All of your needs and demands will be met by Diane with the utmost efficiency to detail and she will be with you every step of the way until the purchase is complete.- Dave and Sue

Thanks again, Diane, for your patience and valuable time helping this new retiree find a perfect used car within my budget! As an older, single woman who knows NOTHING about cars, I sincerely appreciate your candor and knowledge of the field. My new car is wonderful in every way, and the salesman you introduced me to was honest and trustworthy. I've already given your name to a couple friends who will be in the market for a car shortly! - Linda

Hello, I spoke to you in July/August about trying to buy a used/new Charger. I wanted to thank you again and to tell you that I got one! On October 31st while having no electric at home(due to super storm SANDY), I went and bought (using cash pricing) a 2012 SE RED Charger (that included 8 speed, 18" wheels, shinny aluminum hub caps with a spoiler). I benefited from your wisdom by going on the last day of the month, negotiating price before mentioning cash, setting my price (allowing for their profit, I offered $23,500) not backing down, not including a 96 t-bird trade in (I donated to PBS) and it worked. It also worked because I searched until I found the right dealership (the kind that did not bully women) and as luck would have it the right salesman. I purchased the car within fifteen minutes of being there. Oh, it did help that they had a RED charger (which are hard to find, I searched for 6 months), they had two one with a sun roof. So, anyhow I wanted to let you know that with coaching, researching and a lot of patience it happened and I am very happy. It was worth it. Thanks again for your wisdom it went a long way. —Jill A.

Dear Diane, Thank you again for a great job in finding us our new (used) car. We got a great car at a fair price, and you streamlined the process so we didn't have to spend any more time than necessary. It went as smoothly as it did the first time I worked with you! —Barry Ahlsten

Thank you so much for your help!! I have never had a vehicle transaction go so smoothly and I have owned 9 vehicles so far in my life. You are so wonderful!! Thank you!! I guarantee I will be calling you in the future and telling everyone I know about you. Thanks Diane!!!

Easily the most fun Iíve had buying a car! After doing test drives and looking on my own, on a lark I decided to try Diane Iten. My first short note to Diane got quick results: She had a matching availability list to me within hours. I relayed my choice to her by phone & she got me the deal on that vehicle. It was delivered to me 3 days after our first contact. Thanks, Diane. I like your business knowledge, practicality and great attitude. —Art

Thanks Diane so much for your help with getting Dr. Laura her "Dream Car"!! We were out for the first time today with the top down. Looks like everything is okay with the mechanics of the car now and things are doing great. Thanks again!! —Dave and Laura Patterson

Dear Diane, Sue and I thank you so much for your effort in getting the RAV4 for us. Wow, what an experience. I so enjoyed working with you. In the future, whenever anyone in the family, or friends, is looking for a car, we are sending them to you! Thanks a million for everything. I totally love the car and had a great time with Jeff Auge as well. —Catherine Heither & Sue Mooney

Dear Diane, thank you so much for helping me buy a new car. The process can be intimidating for a woman alone, but you made it so much easier. Throughout the process, I grew to trust your judgement and appreciate the outstanding contacts you have established. —Judy Drews

Dear Diane, I want to thank you for your excellent service and tell you how very pleased I am with the vehicle. You certainly brought the term (hassle free) to the purchase of my Ford Ranger. It was a pleasure doing business with you now and in the future. Please know that we will be delighted to pass your name along to anyone we think might be interested in buying a car. Thank you again for everything. —Dave

Hi Diane, I just wanted to let you know how much Heidi and I appreciated your help and patience finding yet another great vehicle for us as well as getting a fair price for the old Suburban. I could tell you took pride in finding what we wanted in the price range comfortable for us. I have already told the rest of the Freitag clan the excellent work you do and plan to pass onto friends and co-workers in the market what a great service you provide. —John Freitag

Dear Diane, thank you so much for all your help in getting me my great new car!! I absolutely love it! I still can't even believe it, to be honest! I drove it last night for the first time, and it is amazing!! —Joe & Erica Winkels

Diane, the car is awesome & the kids love it. Thank you so much for your help. This was the best experience I have ever had in buying a car. Please send me some business cards, and I will hand them out when the opportunity arises. My wife will be wanting a new car when we pay off her van in the next 14 months. We will keep you in mind when that time comes. —Patrick Manzi

I first met Diane in 2005 when my first child was 18 months. My husband and I wanted to trade in our PT Cruiser for a minivan. Diane located the perfect vehicle and got us top dollar for our trade. We drove the vehicle for five years and decided to explore whether to keep the 2005 or trade it in before we reached the 100,000 mile mark. Diane was again able to locate the perfect vehicle, get us top dollar for our trade and our payment for the new van was lower. Also, we were able to get a 4 year loan versus 5 year loan for our previous van! We saved so much time and money. —M. Price

Diane, I wanted to write to say thank you for your help with the new car purchase. We absolutely couldn't have done it without you. My wife and I set an appointment for Saturday at 11AM and it was the easiest auto buying experience I'd ever had. Within minutes we were test driving and soon after signing the paperwork. Bones, and the entire staff of Kline Nissan, were extremely helpful and easy to work with, especially considering our rather unique circumstances. The deal went like clockwork and the only surprise was an additional discount because my wife is pursuing a Master's degree which she'll receive in July, thus making us eligible for college grad savings. I had breakfast with my in-laws yesterday and they will be contacting you soon, as will some other friends, colleagues and associates whove heard my wife and I sing your praises. Thanks again for all of your help. —Taylor and Kara Cisco

Diane, wanted to let you know I received the nice thank you yesterday. I'm bussing around in my new SUV and loving every minute. My grand-daughters (Avery, Anne and Noelle) were the first to try the DVD player with head sets. I'm a pretty cool grandma having all this high-tech stuff. Working with you on my new purchase was the way to buy a vehicle, no hassle. I love it… I read your article in St. Croix Valley and cut it out. I'm going to put it up at work and hope it brings you good luck and new business. — Pat Haggerty

I recently bought a Ford Focus from Diane Iten, and I love my car! Purchasing a car from an auto broker is the only way to go. Diane did all of the leg work for me and even delivered my new car to me. Buying a car from an auto broker is stress free—it's actually enjoyable! I highly recommend Diane for your next automobile purchase. — Joanne Glasspoole

Diane, thank you for your help. We are very happy with our new Honda, and we are even happier that we got it at a better price and with a better trade-in than we could have done by ourselves. You made the car buying experience very pleasant! — Kirk

My best "girlfriend" is Diane Iten. I have known her for over 20 years and know she is one of the most stand-up professionals in the auto business! She saved me $2,000 on my Audi when there were 3 people in line waiting for it at a dealership. This is because the sales manager wanted to take care of Diane as she takes care of him when he has to find a buyer for a trade-in, and the way she'll take care of you! If you have a car you are thinking of trading in, call Diane first! If you have teenagers starting to drive and need a good safe car, call Diane first! If you are going to buy new, call Diane first! Not only is she great at what she does, she is a lot of fun to work with! She will save you money and you will love me for it! — Linda Besk

As far as Diane Iten, I have two words. Class Act. There is no other way that I would ever buy a car again. In the first five minutes you can tell what Diane is all about. Her no nonsense approach coupled with her desire to help you to get what you are looking for, results in a very positive experience, and at a great price. — Rick Cherry

Diane, thanks for all your help. Love the car. This was the most pleasurable car buying experience we have ever had. I will definitely refer your name to many others. — Jeff

Diane, thanks for all of your help and advice! —Denny & Lynn

Diane, thank you for your help. You are a wealth of information. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again. — Marian

Diane, thanks so much for your help in getting us a new car. We really like it. — Justin

Diane, thank you for all your help and for doing all the "work" for us. You have so much patience. It is such a pleasure meeting someone like you. — Don & Jean

Diane, thanks for your patience and time. — Faia

Diane, thank you so much for your time and patience. Please accept this gift as a slight token of appreciation for what you've done for me! — Tiffany Wilson

Diane, Doug and I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for all your assistance in purchasing our new minivan. You were very helpful and patient. — Heidi & Doug

Diane, you went beyond the call of duty for me, and I appreciate it. I consider you a friend. — Marie

Diane, thank you for all you've done. You are indeed a special one! I love my car. —Debra

Diane, thanks for the help you gave us in finding our Subaru. We are really happy with it. Thanks, too, for giving me advice about Rob's car sale run amok. I was thinking what a fun person you'd be to work with! — Linda & Neal

Diane, thank you for all you did for our new vehicle transaction. Last Thursday, we met with Bob at Radco and purchased step bars, mud flaps, bed rug and topper. We are very pleased. But more, I am happy with all the information you provided me with and your time. I will refer you to anyone looking for a vehicle. It was fun to work with you. — Lisa