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  • I will locate your exact vehicle with all the options you want.
  • I will provide several bids on your trade-in.
  • I offer friendly price/option consulting.
  • I offer service contracts or extended warranties at discount pricing.
  • I offer Road Side assistance (flat tire, out of gas, dead battery, emergency transportation, towing, locked out of car and directions).
  • I offer rust proof Auto Armor paint sealant and fabric protection with a written warranty. NOTE: Rust proofing your vehicle with Auto Armor products enhances the value of your vehicle for years to come.
  • I offer 3M ScotchCal, a space aged clear coat protection against rocks, scratches and bugs
  • I offer Solar Guard Window Films, an advanced near 100% UV protection scratch resistant coating with a cool stylish look
  • I offer discounts on all aftermarket items: running boards and Nerf Bars, Toppers, Spray-in Bedliners (over the rail or under)


I am aggressive, passionate and knowledgeable about my business. I consider myself the best in the industry. I consistently have more repeat business. I have been in the auto industry for over 20 years. I was a finance manager for 10 years and have been brokering cars for the last 10 years. Prior to that, I was a manager for Security Pacific Finance for 10 years.

I pride myself on integrity. I believe customers can work better with me when I give straight answers that are based on facts. I believe the public to be smarter than they are given credit for. After my years in the dealerships, I believe the consumer needs me, as I see them being taken advantage of, or lied to.

I get a price break because of the volume of business I bring to the dealerships. You buy one car every now and then; I buy many cars each month. I bring you the dealers business they would never see. Dealers earn inventory on a "earn & turn" basis, so the more they sell, the more inventory they will get.

If you were to go out and price two or three cars, this would take you weeks. I can accomplish this in a day, because of the people I deal with in the dealerships. My work is usually done over the phone. I then find the car, get prices with all discounts available, including hidden money.

If there is a trade involved, I work it as two separate transactions. I call for several bids on the trade to make sure we are getting the most dollars on trade. I arrange the sale of a vehicle through the dealer. I negotiate the best price available on your trade. That saves you time and money. I know the cars they want, including features.

There is no charge to the customer. My fees are paid by the dealer.